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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Development Planning Expert Seminar ended successfully
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Development Planning Expert Seminar ended successfully

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Aim high and build dreams down-to-earth
Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Development Planning Expert Seminar ended successfully

      From December 2nd to December 3rd, 2017, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler held "Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Development Planning Expert Seminar" at the boiler company headquarters, Jiangsu Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Inspection Institute, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Boiler Branch Nearly 20 people attended the meeting, including leaders from , Xuzhou Development and Reform Commission, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other leaders, well-known experts and scholars in the industry, well-known domestic enterprises and technical experts, senior executives of Sifang Holding Group and Sifang Boiler.With the theme "Future Development Plan of Sifang Boiler" as the main line, this seminar will combine Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to optimize the development mode, fine-tune the development structure, improve the development quality, demonstrate and improve the development plan, and jointly discuss the new concept of enterprise-led product innovation. , The measures to cultivate new growth drivers of enterprises and develop new technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to promote the coordinated development of safety, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency of the Group's boiler companies to a new level in the next five years.

      Duan Xuqiang, Chairman of Sifang Holding Group and Sifang Boiler: Introduce the development of the company, and report the company's future development vision and ideas to actively adapt to the new stage of my country's high-quality economic development, change the mode of economic development, change the driving force of growth, and optimize the product structure.

      Liang Guoan, Vice President of Jiangsu Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Inspection Institute: Publicize and implement the latest regulations and trends in the industry, encourage enterprises to consolidate product positioning, strengthen featured products, and actively carry out quality revitalization theme activities to promote future safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, Efficient development to new levels.

      Wang Shanwu, Secretary General of Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association: Fully affirm the achievements and comprehensive strength of Sifang Boiler's innovation and development in recent years, and the precise positioning of the development plan for the next 3-5 years should be based on the "new normal" development concept and be in a homogeneous environment. To transform competition, it is necessary to further grasp product attributes, optimize design and R&D mechanisms, refine leading products, and strengthen competitive products; in the face of industry competition opportunities and challenges, it is necessary to strengthen "result-oriented", and in the future, use Internet + to help "wisdom. Boiler " manufacturing is the direction, seize the policy and market opportunities, and vigorously improve the intelligent manufacturing of boilers and the intelligent level of boilers; strengthen the construction of enterprise team, talent echelon, and inheritance of enterprise culture, improve comprehensive quality, and ensure the consistency of ideas from top to bottom of the enterprise , instead of changing by personal will, to ensure the sustainable development of private enterprises. 

      Xu Tianning, deputy director of Xuzhou Economic and Information Commission: Pay attention to changes in the policy environment, start internal process reengineering, build core competitiveness, and pursue a first-class corporate culture.Aiming at low cost and high quality, synthesizing the advantages of existing resources, looking ahead to the market trend of the industry, further clarifying the target customers, target products, competitors and the main direction of attack, and effectively grasping the technological improvement of following and leading, to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, Meet the needs of the industry environment with new technologies and new products.
      To adapt to future development, management concepts, management processes, and management models need to be further optimized, reformed, and improved in market development, technology research and development, and production processes; order-based marketing must strive to keep close to the market at zero distance, and continuously establish, improve and rapidly Efficient market response mechanism; to seize market opportunities, a new and integrated product development system must be established to closely link interests and guide customer needs.
      The improvement and innovation of production management concepts and processes is neither a simple superposition of investment scale, nor an increase in the volume of traditional products.It is necessary to actively work on subdividing accounting units, introducing risk incentive mechanisms, gradually refining and precise index quotas, shaping the operating entities of each unit, and changing managers into operators.On the one hand, it is necessary to focus on the reset and rational construction of the supply chain;

      Zhao Qinxin, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Energy Dynamics, Xi'an Jiaotong University: I appreciate Sifang Boiler's adherence to the corporate vision of "use our Sifang boiler, and give you a blue sky", "to help the development of Sifang and remove the haze from all sides".At present, comprehensive analysis of internal and external environment, in a period of great changes in the industry, the theme of "Gasification China" is prominent, and the increase in the proportion of natural gas will be the country's fastest-growing energy consumption in the next 10 years. The boiler product market is considerable.The current pulverized coal boiler presents an order-oriented design.The main line of future development proposes to achieve low nitrogen emissions through self-developed production and combustion control parts.Looking ahead to the boiler product market in the next five years, enterprises should further increase investment in research and development, expand research and development strength, and ensure that the manufacturing capacity of burners and other technological heritage can go hand-in-hand and improve simultaneously.
      Pay attention to smog control, seize the opportunity of "white elimination", pay attention to the organic combination of boilers and furnaces, the combination of the design and development of circulating fluidized bed leading products and the process of market sales, strive to grasp the core technology, and actively create and lead the market.

      Liu Xinzhi, professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology: The natural gas boiler market is driven by policies, and the recent market demand is relatively large.It is recommended to grasp the market positioning of gas boilers in the near and mid-term, and rationally deploy the long-term development strategic positioning of the decline in market demand in the later period of the policy.
       To build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the focus is on the high efficiency and environmental protection of boiler products, and its core lies in combustion control and thermal control. It is recommended to pay due attention, and there are plans to increase investment in research and development, equipment, market services and product self-testing services. Through continuous trial and error and correction of the whole process of design, process, manufacturing and testing, the core control is realized.

       Zhang Hong, general manager of Zhangjiagang Aikewo Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd.: Enterprises should firmly grasp the existing comprehensive foundation, and take the road of characteristic development according to their own characteristics.In terms of technology research and development, the fundamental demand of the forward-looking market mainly comes from the service to the market, that is, the comprehensive performance test of the product, which is used as the basis for research and development.It is suggested that enterprises should pay due attention to the formation of energy contract management companies.It is necessary to pay more attention to the relatively independent operation of the procurement, market, and technical system of bulk boilers and quick-loading boilers; to develop products, capacity, and projects, it is necessary to divide the accounting unit into small units, and to carry out business division operations in a timely manner to increase the output value; it is necessary to focus on technical emphasis Through the centralized and effective development of research and development, design, market services and comprehensive testing, we strive to seize the "pain points" of users and lead the market trend.

      Zhang Hao, Chief Engineer of the Second Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry of China United Engineering Corporation: Under the new situation of the industry, enterprise planning and development must focus on high-level, strengthen self-examination and self-awareness."Aspiration, knowledge and perseverance" in the "Sifang Culture" are distinctive, which confirms the development track of the enterprise from small to large and from weak to strong.The current rise of gas boilers should be a process of accumulation driven by policies."Integration of industrialization and industrialization", intelligent manufacturing urges the improvement of enterprise technology and equipment level, and also forces the enterprise's refined management to be strengthened simultaneously.To a certain extent, it is equally important for enterprises to look for differences in benchmarking, establish a self-evaluation system in an all-round way, avoid risks, improve quality and efficiency, and increase investment, standardize management, and do more with less.

      Tang Wei, Chairman of Beijing Zhongdian Huaqiang Welding Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.: Use static braking to build a nest and attract phoenixes.To strengthen manufacturing, it is necessary to have good manufacturing workshops, manufacturing systems, and intelligent manufacturing to bring opportunities for technological development.Homogeneity competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, creating a digital production workshop, saving labor costs with intelligent manufacturing, improving quality and efficiency, establishing a rapid response mechanism for the market, and committing to the shortest delivery time for a single boiler and the lowest manufacturing cost. Pursuit, help sales differentiated competition.
      Homogeneous competition and the help of finance and capital are the strong driving force for the real manufacturing industry to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly.It is recommended to try to expand horizontal joint channels through capital operation, seek partners, acquire burner R&D companies and contract energy engineering companies, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieve stronger and better.

On-site research and communication

On-site research and communication

On-site research and communication

On-site research and communication

Group photo of some leaders and experts at the expert seminar

      Ambition lofty, down-to-earth, and build dreams.The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that my country's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. Changing the mode of economic development, changing the driving force of growth, and optimizing the economic structure have become the guiding direction of my country's future development.Similarly, after nearly 20 years of development, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler has achieved certain accumulation and growth. At present, the company is facing new opportunities and new challenges for high-quality development and efficient improvement.Optimization method, process reengineering, this "Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Development Planning Expert Seminar" a number of college professors and industry experts once again sorted out their ideas and clarified the direction.The high-end leadership and wisdom of the industry leaders have injected essence and power into the innovation and improvement of Sifang Boiler, making it stronger and better.In the future, Sifang Boiler will forge ahead and move forward with dreams. In the journey to help realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it will undertake more social responsibilities and make new and greater contributions.

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