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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Amoeba Management Consulting Project was officially launched
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Amoeba Management Consulting Project was officially launched

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      On 25May, the launching conference of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Amoeba Business Consulting Project was held grandly.The chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler and other senior, middle-level and grass-roots team leaders attended the conference on behalf of 80their neighbors .The project is undertaken by the well-known management consulting organization - Bloomington Management Consulting Group.This is also another important strategic action taken by Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to optimize and improve the business model while introducing the Kingdee "Cloud Star" management system and Huayi Management Consulting Group's internal equity incentive consulting project.

      At the kick-off meeting that morning, Ye Feng, general manager of Sifang Boiler Company, who presided over the meeting, firstly introduced the project director, project manager and senior consultant of Bloomington Management Consulting Group who participated in the meeting, and briefed the strategy of Sifang Boiler Amoeba Consulting Project. Significance and preparations, expressed hope and confidence in ensuring the smooth progress of the consulting project, and put forward the main requirements of making progress despite difficulties and making overall plans.

      Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Sifang Boiler, delivered a keynote speech.He briefly expounded the development direction, business strategy and prospect of Sifang Boiler.He said that Sifang Boiler has gone through a 20glorious course for many years. In the face of new changes in the market and new business models, how should Sifang Boiler go, how to double its sales, and how to promote the realization of its everlasting dream is every Sifang person should be considered.In line with the development of the national macroeconomic situation, Sifang Boiler put forward the strategic slogan of secondary development in time, and transformed from high-speed development to high-quality development.At present, the "air outlet" to promote transformation and development has, and the "typhoon" that is waiting for the implementation of various projects.

      This year is the management improvement year of Sifang Boiler Enterprise.Adhering to the goal of prospering the corporate culture, building a century-old brand, and winning the respect of the industry, consulting and introducing the Amoeba business model is the company's optimization and revision of the existing strategy according to the macroscopic business situation and new changes in the market, and the optimization and improvement of the business model. , Department and position interests adjustment, so that it can better guide the business operation to adapt to industry competition and high-quality development.

      This strategic consultation selects Bloomington Management Consulting Group. The company is highly trusted, full of confidence and expectations.He hoped that the project consulting group would go all out and fulfill its responsibilities; the company's project docking group should organize carefully, actively cooperate, and do a good job in all-round service and plan implementation.

      Chairman Duan Xuqiang said that the spirit of continuous innovation is the precious wealth of the people of Sifang Boiler.At present, change is the general trend and the aspiration of the people.Through reform, build a platform, formulate a set of rules, provide comprehensive services of advantageous resources, and adopt the Amoeba small team business model around increasing income and reducing expenditure, so that more people with confidence, responsibility and entrepreneurial passion can be on this platform. Start a business fairly, openly and impartially, and realize your dream of being your own boss.

      In the warm applause of the audience, Chairman Duan Xuqiang of Sifang Boiler issued an authorization plate to Manager Xiao Liang of the Amoeba Management Consulting Project Team of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler of Bloomington Management Consulting Group.

      Director Zhao Chengmin of the project consulting group put forward three opinions: First, the introduction of the Amoeba business project is a revolution from concept to practice. It is not an innovation of management tools, but a change of business model. It must be a revolution in concept, and more in practice. work.In this regard, all employees of the enterprise must first have a clear and accurate understanding.Secondly, the management at all levels of the company must prepare for the corresponding decentralization, strengthen the functional role of supervision, inspection, promotion and resource provision, and all authorized departments and positions should pay attention to the responsibility guarantee of receiving, using and promoting the implementation of power, and strive to promote the production of Better efficiency and strive for excess profits.Furthermore, the success of the project depends on the joint input and efforts of the consulting group and all members of the enterprise.To create an Amoeba business model with Sifang Boiler's characteristics Miba manages a new situation.

      Xiao Liang, the leader of the project consulting group of Bloomington Management Consulting Group, made a project introduction report.He gave an overview of the operation system of Amoeba, described the significance of the operation and management of Amoeba in the new economic environment, and the practical significance of the operation and management of Amoeba in Sifang Boiler; expounded the role and significance of each module and the project The importance of management tools and the cooperation of enterprise project teams.

      In the last part of the kick-off meeting, the senior management representative of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler made a statement.Yan Haizhou, deputy general manager in charge of production and material supply, and Chang Chuanjian, deputy general manager in charge of sales, respectively exchanged their preliminary understanding of the Amoeba business consulting project, expounded the main problems, and shared the introduction of the business in charge of amoeba operation. The preliminary planning plan of the project expressed the determination and confidence to fully invest in the project and ensure the implementation of the project.

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