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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler 2017' Golden Autumn Scholarship Donation Ceremony Held as Scheduled
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler 2017' Golden Autumn Scholarship Donation Ceremony Held as Scheduled

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Responsibility is endless, love helps the poor for another year

Jiangsu Sifang Boiler 2017' Golden Autumn Scholarship Donation Ceremony Held as Scheduled


      In the golden autumn season, love burns everywhere.On the morning of August 30th, in Conference Room 201 of the Comprehensive Building of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Headquarters, the 2017' Donation Ceremony for Student Aid and Relief was held as scheduled.After rigorous and meticulous declaration and verification procedures, 12 recipient university freshmen or family representatives who were impoverished due to disasters and illnesses were identified in advance and attended the donation ceremony together with the heads of the resident party committee, government, trade union, and youth league committee.Entrusted by Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, Zhang Eying, executive deputy general manager of the company, and Luo Yu, secretary of the Party Working Committee, attended the donation ceremony.At the donation ceremony that day, 12 recipients, including Zhang Qingqing, a freshman who graduated from Zhengji High School and was admitted to Xuzhou Medical University, each received 3,000-5,000 yuan of financial aid.

Jiangsu Sifang Boiler 2017' Golden Autumn Student Donation Ceremony Venue

      At 9:30 a.m., the donation ceremony officially began.Zhang Kangkang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Liuxin Town, briefly briefed on the main work process of checking and screening recipients entrusted by the company this year.

      Dong Ke, representative of the assisted poor college freshmen, delivered a speech on behalf of the assisted college students.She is very grateful to Sifang Boiler for its enthusiastic support, the care of leaders at all levels and the love of entrepreneurs, and she said that she will study hard, redouble her efforts in the upcoming university life, and repay the love of her hometown parents with excellent results.

Comrade He Xiaofu, member of the party committee, organization member and chairman of the labor union in Liuxin Town, made a warm speech on behalf of the party committee, government and labor union.

      He said that since the establishment of Sifang Boiler, there has been no interruption in helping students and helping the poor and the needy.He encouraged all assisted families to strengthen their confidence, cherish love, advance despite difficulties, and be full of hope; he hoped that all assisted college students should have high aspirations, cherish love with practical actions, spread love, study hard, be determined to become talents, and strive to become a country as soon as possible. and usefulness of society.

       Zhang Eying, the executive deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech on behalf of the chairman and general manager of the company.He first thanked the party committee and the government for their care and support for the Sifang Boiler project to help students and help the poor; congratulations to the college freshmen for their titles.Then, around the three key words of "kindness", "dedication" and "hope", I made a sincere and sincere talk.

    "kind".He said that year after year, the love and love has become a "feeling project" that Sifang Boiler actively fulfills its social responsibilities and enthusiastically helps the disadvantaged.All along, the main leaders of the company and themselves have been very cordial to the poor college freshmen and their families.Aid this year, as always.The chairman and general manager attached great importance to them and entrusted them to visit in advance to follow up on the scheduling preparations. Now, although they are away on business trips, they still dispatch the specific arrangements by telephone.    

Happy families are often the same, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.Mr. Zhang said that difficulties are not the family's fault, nor are the classmates' fault.In order to study in difficult situations, we must be full of vigor and hope for life and the future.So far, I feel the same way.There is love in the world.Facing temporary difficulties correctly and positively, making a good life plan, consciously linking the destiny of individuals, families and the country closely, and enduring the baptism and hardships at every stage of life, can we lay the foundation for success and success.

    "Dedication".Sifang Boiler has grown from small to large, pioneered and innovated, and has developed to today, with an annual sales of 500-600 million yuan and a scale of nearly 1,000 people. First of all, it is due to the efforts and dedication of the company's team and all employees, but it is also inseparable from the party. and the government's care and support over the years.

The grace of dripping water is reciprocated by the fountain.The development achievements of the enterprise are to have the courage to take social responsibility, and to actively commit to feedback and dedication.Since the establishment and development of Sifang Boiler, Chairman Duan has done his best to lead the corporate team, help students with love, help the needy, and do his best, consistently.I hope that all new college students will use this simple love as the driving force in their future study, work and life, stress dedication, practice dedication, spread dedication, and lead the whole society to be full of love through action.

   "hope".The right path in the world is vicissitudes, and the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves.Difficulties should be viewed dialectically and faced correctly.In fact, life is an experience process of meeting difficulties, challenging them, and overcoming them.No matter when, where or in the face of adversity, as long as your heart is full of hope, you firmly believe that knowledge can change your destiny, and you have the tools to realize your dreams, your dreams will eventually come true.I hope that in the future study and life, all students will use today's ceremony as the driving force to be confident, self-reliant, self-improving, pay attention to self-pressure, have the courage to develop themselves, and lay a solid foundation for their own beautiful life.

      Sifang Boiler is a good platform for respecting talents, cherishing talents, caring for talents, cultivating and improving talents.At present, nearly 1,000 employees, including nearly 100 middle- and senior-level engineering and technical personnel from all over the country, work and live happily here.Finally, welcome students who are interested in coming here to develop and pursue value embodiment to return from their studies at an early date!   

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