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Introduction to the relevant knowledge of circulating fluidized bed boilers
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Introduction to the relevant knowledge of circulating fluidized bed boilers

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       Circulating fluidized bed boilers can be seen in many large-scale coal mining enterprises, petrochemical industries and other processes. Its product features are relatively obvious, and there are different types of specifications for you to choose from.Circulating fluidized bed boilers are all made with clean coal combustion technology. Its components include combustion chamber, circulating return furnace, etc. During operation, the wind speed is relatively high, which can strengthen heterogeneous reaction processes such as combustion and desulfurization. The capacity is relatively large, reaching a large capacity of 600MW or above, which can well solve thermal, mechanical and material problems.So, how much do you know about circulating fluidized bed boilers?

       You will find that the characteristics of circulating fluidized bed boilers are more obvious. The boilers are made of single drum, which is generally divided into front and rear, and from bottom to top, it is divided into primary air chamber, dense phase area, and dilute phase area. , there are also high-temperature superheater, economizer and air preheater, etc., and its tail shaft adopts a support mechanism, so that the two shafts can be communicated through a cyclone separator, and a return device can be set up at the position below the separator. Ash cooler.

       Most boiler equipment uses oil or gas for ignition, which belongs to staged combustion. The entire air ratio is as high as 50-60%, and the entire fly ash cycle is low. Water-cooled spiral slag extractor, ash cooler, dust collector, etc. are used for discharge.In addition, the inner furnace is the key to ensure the full combustion of fuel, and its speed can reach 3.5-4.5m/s, and the upper wall tube is equipped with a thin lining (high-alumina brick), which can fully ensure the combustion efficiency.

       The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge of the circulating fluidized bed boiler. You should understand it clearly? We will find that its product features are more obvious, there are more components, and it has the characteristics of protecting the environment and saving energy. Using the circulating fluidized bed boiler The bed boiler product has high stability and high utilization rate.

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