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Introduction to knowledge about gas boilers
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Introduction to knowledge about gas boilers

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       With the development of society and economy, many large coal mining enterprises, as well as petrochemical industry Hangui, will apply gas boiler equipment. Its product features are relatively obvious, and there are many specifications and models, which are mainly divided into gas boiling water boilers, hot water boilers and gas steam boilers, etc. , Among them, gas-fired hot water boilers are widely used, and gas-fired boilers are more cost-effective than oil-fired and electric boilers, and can be used as boiler equipment for steam, heating, and bathing.So, what is the knowledge about gas boilers, and how much do you know?

       You will find that the characteristics of gas boilers are more obvious. According to the fuel, they can be divided into natural gas boilers, city gas boilers, coke oven gas boilers, liquefaction and biogas boilers, etc., and then they are divided into KS-Q gas, CLHS/CWNS gas-fired hot water boilers are divided into vertical and horizontal gas-fired boilers according to their structure.

       The characteristics of gas boilers of different specifications and types are different. The characteristics of this equipment are more obvious. The water temperature can be displayed on the equipment, which can easily grasp the operation status of the boiler and the system, and the temperature can be set according to the actual situation. The fully automatic system can provide heating for users and provide hot water for living and bathing.

       The gas boiler has a control system, which can often control the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the temperature of the boiler water. If the boiler water reaches the corresponding temperature, the hot water circulation will start, and when the water temperature is lower than the set lower limit, the hot water circulating pump will stop.The horizontal gas bath boilers are designed with large furnace and thick smoke pipes, which can effectively increase the radiation heat absorption of the furnace and save energy and reduce consumption. Heat effect, improve combustion efficiency, can effectively save fuel consumption.

       The whole machine is also equipped with overheating protection, as well as anti-dry water shortage protection and boiler leakage protection. The whole boiler is often designed according to the normal pressure structure, and advanced centrifugal cotton can play a better thermal insulation effect.

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