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Industrial boiler factory professionals introduce you to the types of industrial boilers
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Industrial boiler factory professionals introduce you to the types of industrial boilers

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    With the rapid development of society and economy, industrial boiler equipment is applied to many large factories and enterprises, especially the current industrial boiler manufacturing plants are springing up like mushrooms after a rain, and there are many industrial boiler equipment in the market, mainly standing Type boiler shell, horizontal boiler shell, double-drum vertical type D-type, as well as double-drum vertical-type O-type, double-drum vertical-type M-type industrial boiler equipment.So, what are the general industrial boiler types?With the questions that everyone is more concerned about, let's follow the professionals of industrial boiler manufacturers to understand:
    Generally speaking, there are many types of industrial boilers. The equipment has a compact structure, a simple installation method, and a large water capacity, which can generally be adapted to The load changes, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the thermal efficiency is higher than that of the vertical shell.Among them, electric power industrial boilers have a wide range of applications and play an important role in many textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and paper industries.
    In addition, in addition to the commonly used industrial boilers, domestic boilers are also used, which often play an important role in various industrial and mining, enterprises and institutions, hotels, and service industries. You will find that the demand for such boilers is large, and there are many large-scale boilers all over the country. Industrial boiler factory, it can be seen that the role of the domestic boiler is relatively large.
    What are the types of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?According to the body structure, industrial boilers can be divided into shell-type boilers, water-tube boilers and drum-type boilers. Shell-type boilers can be divided into horizontal and vertical types, such as the early blue development, gun furnaces, etc.In addition, drum boilers are divided into double drums, single drums and multi-drum types, and the drums are horizontal and vertical.

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