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Industrial boiler factory introduces the characteristics of industrial boilers to you
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Industrial boiler factory introduces the characteristics of industrial boilers to you

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    In the construction process of many factories and enterprises, industrial boiler products will be used, and their product characteristics are relatively obvious, but many friends often do not know how to choose industrial boilers, especially when there are many industrial boiler manufacturers, so how should we choose better? Woolen cloth?In particular, the preparatory work before the purchase of industrial boilers is also very important, mainly based on the use environment and use requirements of the products. Then, what are the characteristics of general industrial boilers?How does it work?
    You will find that the characteristics of industrial boilers are more obvious. The high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boiler system mainly includes twelve integrated subsystems, mainly including pulverized coal storage system, powder supply system, inert gas protection station, combustion system, boiler system, and more Dust removal system, desulfurization system, thermal system, etc., can greatly improve the combustion rate of coal, pulverized coal can be supplied in a centralized manner, the whole system is closed for operation, coal is supplied by pneumatic conveying, and ash is discharged centrally.
    At the same time, the scope of application of industrial boilers is relatively wide, the operation method is relatively simple, the boiler can be turned on and off immediately, the degree of automation is high, and the entire pulverized coal combustion efficiency can reach 98%. Enterprises play an important role in achieving low pollution emissions.
What are the characteristics of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?Generally speaking, the characteristics of industrial boilers are obvious, the particle size of pulverized coal is small, and the coal can be burned with low calorific value coal and medium and low sulfur coal. Its fuel adaptability is wide, the combustion efficiency is high, and the load adaptability is good.

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