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How to understand oil and gas boilers
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How to understand oil and gas boilers

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Boilers are very common in our daily life, but many people are not very clear about oil and gas boilers. This oil and gas boiler is different from the boilers we usually see. So, what is an oil and gas boiler? ?How does it work memoryally?Today we will discuss with you what an oil and gas boiling water boiler is.

How to understand oil and gas boilers

Fuel gas boiling water boiler is a kind of domestic boiler, which belongs to the category of atmospheric pressure civil boiler.The boiler is fueled by diesel or natural gas, and the water is heated by the burner. When the water temperature reaches the set water temperature (boiling water), the burner stops working and the boiler is turned off.
Oil-fired gas boilers are further divided into oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers, and there are differences between them: the fuel of oil-fired boilers is fuel such as diesel, engine oil, kerosene, etc. The fuel of the boiling water boiler is gas such as natural gas, biogas and liquefied gas, etc. The boiling water boiler equipped with a gas burner is called a gas boiling water boiler.
The fuel gas boiling water boiler uses a special microcomputer controller for boiling water boilers. It has a large Chinese-language LCD screen with backlight, and has powerful display functions. It can clearly and intuitively display various states of the boiler. According to the user's requirements, 4 time periods of on and off can be set arbitrarily in one day to save electricity loss and reduce the
cost of boiler use .
The above is a brief introduction to what an oil and gas boiling water boiler is. I hope that you can gain experience by reading and understanding this knowledge. Finally, it is recommended that you must follow the operation instructions when operating.

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