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How to install a power station boiler
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How to install a power station boiler

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Power station boiler is one of the main methods of thermal power generation in my country, and it is one of the methods to provide people with power. It is very important. Power station boilers are generally used to generate power in power plants. ?Today we will answer with you:

How to install a power station boiler

Large-scale power station boiler installation: mainly include front wall arrangement, front and rear wall hedging arrangement and four-corner arrangement.When arranged in the first two ways, the swirl burner is generally used, which has the advantage that the pulverized coal pipeline layout is relatively simple, but it is not suitable for low volatile and high ash fuel.
The four-corner arrangement is to arrange the DC burner at the four corners of the furnace, and the center line of the nozzle is tangent to an imaginary circle in the center of the furnace.The disadvantage of the four-corner arrangement is that the air duct arrangement is more complicated, but the combustion is relatively stable, and it is suitable for a variety of fuels.
The main structure type of utility boiler mainly depends on factors such as fuel characteristics, boiler capacity and steam parameters.Common ones are inverted U-shaped, tower-shaped and box-shaped.
The inverted U type is suitable for boilers and fuels of various capacities, so it is widely used.The height of the boiler is lower than other furnace types, the heating surface is more convenient, and the fan and dust removal equipment can be placed on the ground, but the area is larger.
The tower type is suitable for boilers burning ash-rich bituminous coal and lignite. It has no turning flue, which can reduce the local wear of the fly ash on the heating surface, and the floor space is small.However, the furnace body is high, and the installation and maintenance are more complicated.
The box type is suitable for oil-fired and gas-fired boilers with larger capacity.The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is more complicated and the maintenance is difficult.
The above is a brief introduction to how to install the power station boiler. I hope this knowledge can help you.

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