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How to choose the right oil and gas boiler?
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How to choose the right oil and gas boiler?

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       With the rapid development of society and economy, oil and gas boiler equipment is used in many large-scale power plants, as well as coal mines and petrochemical industries. Compared with coal-fired boiler equipment, oil and gas boilers have more obvious characteristics, smaller size and higher combustion efficiency, but due to Due to the complexity and novelty of oil and gas boilers, many people cannot solve the problem of matching oil and gas boilers with burners.Therefore, when we choose the oil and gas boiler equipment, we must choose the appropriate specification equipment. Then, how to choose the appropriate oil and gas boiler according to the power and actual needs of the boiler?
       In the face of many oil and gas boiler equipment on the market, when we choose, we must look at its reputation and reputation, but also on the workmanship of the product. The burners in the oil and gas boilers are mainly imported or domestically produced. The main features of the imported burners are: Mature technology, high degree of refining, high efficiency and environmental protection, high safety and stability, but the price is relatively expensive, there is another kind of domestic burner, whose system is immature, unstable and low in thermal efficiency. Therefore, when we choose, we must choose Oil and gas boiler equipment with high stability and safety.
Burners are mainly divided into light oil Riyadh REG series, gas series and dual fuel (oil and gas) series, including gas series with one stage of fire for Riyadh and RS/M series with two stages of fire for Riyadh. The thermal power of the burner is selected according to the thermal power rate of the boiler. You can re-determine the model according to the thermal power of the burner.
       You should have a clear understanding of how to choose an oil and gas boiler?When choosing, you must pay attention to its brand awareness, but also to see whether its reputation is good.Among them, the calculation method of burner power: burner power = boiler power/thermal efficiency, when we select the oil and gas boiler equipment, after determining the type of burner, we must select the pressure and flow suitable for the burner according to the actual needs, and use the gas valve. The group selection table selects a valve group with sufficient caliber.

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