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How much do you know about power station boilers?
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How much do you know about power station boilers?

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For many people, what is a power station boiler, what is its working principle, and how it operates, many people are not very clear, and many people must want to know it. Today, we will give you some common sense about power station boilers. A brief introduction, I hope to help everyone.

How much do you know about power station boilers?

Power plant boilers generally refer to boilers used by power plants to generate electricity. There are two main types of power plant boilers: one is pulverized coal boilers, and the other is circulating fluidized bed boilers.
The combustion mechanism of the circulating fluidized bed boiler is to fluidize the solid fuel, so that it has the flow properties of the liquid to promote combustion.Lime or coal gangue can be added to remove sulfur, which is more environmentally friendly; while the circulating fluidized bed boiler burns particles, the wear and tear of the boiler is relatively serious, and the maintenance cost is generally high;
coal , and then blow air into the furnace to burn.The burning powder has less wear on the boiler and is more controllable than the circulating fluidized bed boiler. When the boiler is pressurized or depressurized, its reaction time is faster than that of the circulating fluidized bed.
Although the current growth rate of thermal power development has slowed down, in the long run, driven by positive factors such as the advancement of environmental protection technology, the reduction of power generation costs, and the increase in power demand, the future development prospects of the thermal power industry are relatively optimistic.It can be seen that the market development potential of coal-fired boilers for thermal power plants is huge.
The circulation of the medium in the evaporation system of the power plant boiler is commonly seen in natural circulation and auxiliary circulation, while the natural circulation relies on the density difference of the working medium in the descending pipe and the ascending pipe of the evaporation system to establish a circulation.
The main difference between auxiliary circulation and natural circulation is that a circulating pump is installed between the descending pipe and the ascending pipe of the evaporation system.This cycle is the main way.

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