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How much do you know about angle tube boilers?
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How much do you know about angle tube boilers?

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    A variety of boiler equipment can be seen in many large boiler factories. One of the more common equipment is the corner tube boiler, which has obvious product characteristics and a wide range of applications. According to different fuels, it can be installed on the front wall of the furnace. The secondary air is arranged on the back wall of the furnace.So, how much do you know about angle tube boilers?
    You will find that the product features of the corner tube boiler are more obvious. The inner drum is arranged vertically or horizontally, and the combustion space is relatively sufficient, and the unique flag-type heating surface structure technology is adopted. The grate of the corner-tube boiler is made of scales. The efficiency is relatively high. There are several groups of adjustable small air doors between the isobaric air silo and the grate surface. The opening of the entire small air door can control the supply of coal in each combustion stage when the coal moves on the grate. Air volume, thereby greatly improving combustion efficiency and reducing fuel loss.
    There is also an economizer or air preheater installed at the rear of the corner tube boiler. Due to the temperature of the flue gas discharged from the boiler, an economizer or an air preheater is arranged at the rear, which can absorb the heat of the flue gas and can also Save energy, greatly improve its combustion efficiency, but also save energy.
    You should have a clear understanding of the relevant knowledge of angle tube boilers, right?Generally speaking, the product advantages of angle-tube boilers are more obvious. The drums of angle-tube boilers are externally arranged longitudinally and horizontally. The combustion rate is relatively high, and relatively advanced combustion technology is adopted, and the unique flag-type heating surface is used. Structural technology can reduce the loss of coal leakage, and the loss of q4 is small.

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