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Henan Hongda Chemical Fluidized Bed Boiler is running well. Thanks to our company for its full support
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Henan Hongda Chemical Fluidized Bed Boiler is running well. Thanks to our company for its full support

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The picture shows the good operation for Henan Hongda Chemical Co., Ltd.of SFG-55-3.82-MX fluidized bed boiler

    A few days ago, our company supplied the for Henan Hongda Chemical Co., Ltd. after ignition and debugging, and directly combined steam and put it into operation. SFG-55/3.82-MX circulating fluidized bed boiler (hereinafter referred to as the Hongda project) The operation results show that the boiler design is reasonable, the fluidization and separation effect is good, the material returned is smooth, and the ash particles of the returned material are fine; the boiler has high combustion efficiency, sufficient combustion, low carbon content in bottom slag and fly ash, and the color of ash and slag is better than the original on site. Some boilers are obviously white; the heating surface is arranged reasonably, the furnace temperature gradient is uniform, the exhaust gas temperature is low, and the initial emission of oxides is nitrogen low .Due to the stable operation of the boiler, the good combustion effect, and the low initial emission of air pollutants, the users have highly recognized our company's products, and I would like to send a letter of thanks.

    The implementation of the grand project plan is in the busy period of the company's large-scale product general contracting projects.Careful planning, overall coordination, procurement and supply, design, production and on-site installation services, after-sales and shortage elimination have been carried out throughout the process, which have been successfully practiced and accumulated experience.

In order not to affect the progress of other projects and to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the technical department made overall arrangements, worked overtime, and completed a full set of drawings with high quality and quantity.According to the requirements of the general contracting project, the company undertakes the supply, installation and commissioning of all auxiliary equipment in one package.On the one hand, it communicates with the design institute, and on the other hand, it also communicates with various auxiliary machinery manufacturers.After repeated communication and confirmation, the auxiliary equipment parameters were modified more than ten times, and the configuration list was finally determined, which ensured the smooth procurement and installation of auxiliary equipment in the later stage.


According to the requirements of the first-level network plan, the Engineering Department, Production Department, and Material Supply Department will keep an eye on the execution nodes, grasp the process changes, strengthen the coordination and communication of all parties, adjust and improve the plan in a timely manner, and strengthen the high-quality service on the project site. The successful performance of the contract has won the praise of customers.

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