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Gathering tiger power and working hard, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's new year "internal training package" empowers the spring to start a good start
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Gathering tiger power and working hard, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's new year "internal training package" empowers the spring to start a good start

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On the morning of February 13, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler grandly held the 2022 Spring Work Mobilization Conference.All managers and technical team members from the company's six major operation centers and functional service departments attended the meeting.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, Ye Feng, general manager, and Zhang Eying, chief technology officer and director of the technology center, attended the meeting to give mobilization speeches respectively.This meeting is a summary and improvement of the company's intensive internal training since going to work after the Spring Festival.

In his mobilization speech, Mr. Duan further interpreted the main business development ideas in 2022 based on the new opportunities and challenges inside and outside the company: adhere to market leadership, be guided by the goal of improving profit and income, focus on the assessment of sales collection tasks; focus on technological innovation Focus on product differentiation competition.It is ardently hoped that all the participants will grasp the central goal, pay attention to corporate loyalty, effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility for the annual goal, highlight the core role of management and technology, further improve the awareness of innovation and service, carefully implement the plan, and unite and lead the entire company to focus on the core technology. Tiger Qi, with high quality, high efficiency and high efficiency, strived for a good start to the first quarter, boosting the annual profit target and new improvement of comprehensive income.

According to the requirements of the overall development goals in 2022, the company has deployed in advance and carefully arranged the relevant management and business work training "package" within the company, the topics include "marketing plan formulation and implementation", "tax-related issues in sales business", "Legal Risk Prevention in Enterprise Operation", "Risk Prevention and Control in Contract Signing and Performance", "Series Product Technology and Engineering Project Management", "Plan Management", "6S On-site Management and Safety Training", "Excellent Team Leader All-round Cultivation" "Wait.

Over the past few days, through the careful organization of functional centers and departments such as human resources, sales, finance, legal affairs, technology, production, quality and execution, from the company's sales, production, technology, engineering services and plan execution, as well as quality control, finance and other front-line and Management staff participated in the training and learning in batches and in an orderly manner.Through centralized charging, communication and interaction, and testing and review, good results have been initially achieved, providing new impetus for the company to deepen transformation and upgrading and promote high-quality development in the new year.

Accumulated and thin hair, improve quality and efficiency.Jiangsu Sifang Boiler has increased investment in R&D and innovation year after year, and continued to promote the optimization and adjustment of product structure, laying a solid foundation for actively adapting to the "dual-carbon" economy, digitalization and intelligent transformation and development, and is ushering in new opportunities and new patterns for high-quality development. .The start is a sprint, and the start is a decisive battle, which has become the consensus of all employees of the company to fight for the beginning of the year.One is indispensable, and everyone is amazing. The Sifang boiler is even more powerful. In the bright spring, a magnificent picture of cohesion and effort is gradually unfolding.

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