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Epidemic prevention and impairment "Two hands are hard", Jiangsu Sifang Boiler is in action
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Epidemic prevention and impairment "Two hands are hard", Jiangsu Sifang Boiler is in action

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At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Xuzhou is severe. Jiangsu Sifang Boiler actively responded to the call to stop production, strengthened its responsibility, fully implemented and detailed various epidemic prevention and control measures, and weaved a dense and strong epidemic prevention and control protection network. Cloud office ", and strive to reduce the impact and loss of the epidemic on enterprises.

Orders to stop production, "cloud office" to reduce losses

Company employees run at home"cloud office"technical hall computer"unmanned"

On March 29, the epidemic prevention and control in Xuzhou was upgraded, and the company was forced to suspend production.Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, which is undertaking a number of large-scale boiler contract projects to protect people's livelihood, responded positively, took multiple measures, and promptly organized the company's technology, marketing, finance and other six centers and three departments to use the company's Kingdee "Cloud Star" system to open The "cloud office" model strives to ensure multi-site project docking plans, pre-production preparation schedules, and customer online service plans.As of April 6, 7 online sales bidding projects, the technical design for the implementation of important contract projects in the bank, and the execution plans for a number of ongoing engineering projects have been successfully advanced online.Ensure the company's non-production and operation system "cloud operation" to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

 Suspension of business to provide epidemic isolation hotels

Helping "isolation", freeing up hotels to take responsibility

On March 30, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler actively responded to the government's call to suspend the daily business operations of its affiliated Sifang Building Materials City Sifang Hotel for the city's unified epidemic prevention and control isolation.According to the requirements of prevention and control, Sifang Building Materials City fixed 12 people to provide external logistics services such as order maintenance, water and electricity supply, cleaning and security in a timely manner.So far, the hotel has accepted two batches of isolation services for more than 100 people in the city, including Bali Primary School.

Quarantined people study at ease in the quarantine hotel

Volunteer prevention and control, "Quarter"Volunteers"Hero Spectrum"

Gathering is a mass of fire, scattered into a sky full of stars.Since responding to the call to suspend production and holiday, among the more than 620 employees of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler located in cities, counties and districts of the city, preliminary statistics have shown that more than 100 people have actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control in their locations.

Zhang Yuanqing and his colleagues from the delivery workshop of the manufacturing center participated in volunteer epidemic prevention in the Pipa community

In the urban area, such as Fenglin Tianxia, ​​Shuiyunjian, Shitun Street in Gulou District, Tongshan New District Street, Zhengji Town, and Yangchang Village, Qilou Village, Sujia Community, Liuxin Town, Huaihai International Port Area, etc. Volunteers and volunteers of Sifang Boiler employees for epidemic prevention and control are busy.

Du Qingtang and his lover in the delivery workshop of the manufacturing center are dual employees of the company. They took their sons to fight continuously in the eleventh group of Wutun Village, Shitun Street, Gulou District, Xuzhou City, and were well received by the community cadres.

During the volunteer service process in many places in the city, Sifang Boiler employees are responsible for on-site order maintenance, temperature registration, establishment of ledger, and daily disinfection of the site.While doing a good job in their own epidemic prevention, they strengthened the publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge and helped complete rounds of nucleic acid testing.

Chen Ying, director of the financial management department of the company's financial center, took the initiative to work on the first phase of community epidemic prevention in Shuiyunjian

They started with the details and went to great lengths. They urged the strict implementation of protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and ventilating, and one-meter noodles.It reflects a strong sense of social responsibility and selfless dedication.

Hang Hongguang, a salesman from the marketing center in Inner Mongolia, is concerned about the prevention and control of the epidemic in his second hometown. During the suspension of production, he adhered to Xuzhou and took the initiative to participate in volunteer activities for epidemic prevention and control in Sujia Community, Liuxin Town, Port District.

Zhang Yuanqing, an employee of the manufacturing center, is engaged in volunteer work such as environmental disinfection in Qingshuiwan Community in the urban area

Qi Ming, the canteen chef of the corporate management department, sticks to the front line of the epidemic closure and control of Qianqi Building in Liuxin Town

Wen Hanying, a restaurant employee of the Enterprise Management Department, fought hard in the Fenglin World Epidemic Prevention and Control Community

You are the pride and pride of Sifang Boiler!Salute to all the volunteers of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler who are full of love, caring for themselves, not afraid of fatigue, and fighting continuously!

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