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Efficient, Professional, Passionate, Finance Department Weekly "Sharing Star" Building Business "Generalist"
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Efficient, Professional, Passionate, Finance Department Weekly "Sharing Star" Building Business "Generalist"

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   "In the new year, Sifang Group is prosperous. As a member of Sifang Finance, we are very proud. As a member of Sifang Finance, we keep up with the pace of Sifang Group with 12 points of passion, and Sifang Finance is even more High standards are required of yourself!"At about 8 am on March 9, in the office of the deputy general manager and chief financial officer of the company's finance department, at the morning meeting attended by all the finance department, Mr. Jiang was preparing for the newly postponed weekly meeting of the department. "Sharing Star" event is a mobilization speech.

    Since the beginning of the year, under the leadership of the company's measures of optimizing the combination, being lean and efficient, the Finance Department has responded positively, based on the actual position of the post, and has promptly established "multiple abilities in one position, precise business service, high quality and efficiency, and overall improvement" work goals. All the staff in the department, carefully planned, strive to build "sharing star", put "job responsibilities learning" on the schedule, and use every Monday morning meeting, each member of the department will put the " position system and job responsibilities of the position. , operation methods, work experience" to share with everyone, and other members to share and learn from it, and put forward sharing suggestions.And then make each financial personnel integrate the business knowledge, learn the business knowledge of the brothers' positions, and make each person not only able to work independently, but also to become a generalist to control the business!

At the first sharing meeting, the first "sharing star" - cash accountant Tan Yan shared the system, content, operation methods, skills and work experience of cash positions.And compiled a clear and popular "Three Character Classic" to promote everyone to learn cash business:

The cashier is very important; calm your mind and clear your mind.(positive mind)

Busy business, don't panic; good mood, modest attitude.(good temper)

Get cash, face-to-face; high vigilance, out of safety.(high vigilance))

To receive cash, click twice; to distinguish between true and false, no compensation.(sharp eyesight)

If you pay in cash, you need to review the document first; if the content is complete, you must countersign it.(full procedure)

Receipt of documents must be standardized; non-compliance, risk.(ticket specification)

Long and short, don't mess up; calm down and check carefully.(be careful)

Lenders, to distinguish; list documents, check cash.(clear thinking)

Monthly vouchers should be organized; the number of sheets should be clear, and the amount should be clear.(Hurry up)

Cash in the treasury, check and count frequently; do not press the treasury, do not owe money(speaking honesty)

    Practice your inner strength and keep improving!Mr. Jiang said: "Efficient professional passion is not only a slogan, but also the direction of the financial team's action, the implementation point of work"; finance is a "housekeeper" of an enterprise, becoming an excellent "good housekeeper", It requires us to be versatile.The weekly "Sharing Star" activity will become a new carrier for the finance department to effectively build an elite team and further improve the overall level of housekeeper financial management in the new year.(Ginger Red)


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