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Don't forget the original intention and always have the 2019 annual work summary and commendation of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler and the 2020 Spring Festival group meeting was grandly held
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Don't forget the original intention and always have the 2019 annual work summary and commendation of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler and the 2020 Spring Festival group meeting was grandly held

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      The golden pig bids farewell to the old year, and the Swiss rat welcomes the new year!On January 22, 2020, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's 2019 "Don't forget the original intention, Fangde always" theme work summary and commendation conference was held in Joy Hotel.  

      Mr. Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the board, Chen Shaorong, general manager of Sifang Tongxin Company, Ye Feng, general manager of Sifang Boiler Company, and heads of various departments of the group company attended the annual summary and commendation meeting and the Spring Festival group meeting. Nearly 800 employees of all employees gathered together to share friendship, look forward to the new situation in 2020, and open a new chapter in the high-quality development of the group company!
      Chairman Duan of the company gave a keynote speech on "Don't forget the original intention, always concentrate on promoting the evergreen and high-quality development of the enterprise foundation". Together with everyone, he shared his experience and operational research on the establishment and promotion of corporate culture, and the everlasting foundation of Quartet's business, and discussed paths and goals. He said that Sifang Boiler's 20-year history of ups and downs has embarked on an enterprising road of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development, and has achieved the career path, career pursuit and value of every person of insight who chooses Sifang, stands on Sifang, and struggles in Sifang. reflect. Today, under the pressure of the general macroeconomic situation, the industry and enterprises survive the fittest, and the market competition is more intense. The development of the Quartet has ushered in both valuable opportunities and severe challenges.

      All employees of the company must correctly understand and conscientiously grasp the "three views" and "three natures", firm goals, seize opportunities, concentrate efforts to create good results, and start a second business and develop again. Focus on implementation, and everyone strives to be a contributor and a vanguard in promoting the high-quality transformation and development of the Quartet.The second entrepreneurship goes deep, and it is only by working together that the foundation can last forever.

      Ye Feng, general manager of the Group Boiler Company, made the work report of Sifang Boiler Company in 2019.He said that the achievements of the past year's work are obvious to all, and the gaps and deficiencies also exist.We must carry forward our achievements, make persistent efforts, have the courage to take responsibility, seize opportunities, make up for shortcomings, re-implement, promote improvement, and work together to promote new overall work in the new year.

      At the meeting, the 2019 Technical Design Team Contribution Award, Equipment Technology Innovation Achievement Award, Advanced Team, Advanced Management Worker, Sales Model, Advanced Worker and Excellent Welder Award were successively commended.The award-winning representative gave an impromptu acceptance speech, and the company's main and responsible persons took the stage to award the award and took a group photo.

      New year and new atmosphere, good luck in the Quartet; New Year's blessing, the next year will be more brilliant.At the end of the commendation meeting, Chairman Duan Xuqiang led the company's senior management team, including newly promoted local young executives, to the stage for a Chinese New Year group worship.

      The annual summary commendation and the Spring Festival group worship activities were a complete success.Chairman Duan Xuqiang's important speech further clarified the group's development goals, described a bright future, put forward practical measures and expectations, and strengthened the confidence and fighting spirit of all employees of the company.The new management team is young and full of vigor, strengthening the four beams and eight pillars of future development.Don't forget the original intention, you must always be consistent, and only by concentrating can you maintain a long-lasting foundation.All the staff of the company said that they should unite closely, innovate and forge ahead, work together to promote the high-quality transformation and development of the company, and make new and greater contributions to the bright future of Sifang Boiler!

      At the Lunar New Year Reunion Luncheon held after the meeting, all the members gathered together to raise a glass to celebrate the new year, and the curtain came to a successful conclusion in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere.

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