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"De-coalization" and market chaos attacked industrial coal-fired boilers can they break through?
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"De-coalization" and market chaos attacked industrial coal-fired boilers can they break through?

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On 13June, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out when deploying and implementing the three-year action plan for the defense of the blue sky, "We must forcefully and orderly eliminate coal-fired units and small coal-fired boilers that do not meet the standards."In recent years, industrial coal-fired boilers that do not meet the standard have become the focus of governance due to large emissions and serious pollution.However, due to the influence of "de-coalization", there is a phenomenon of "overcorrection" in some areas, which makes efficient and clean industrial coal-fired boilers fall into the predicament of promotion.Can industrial coal-fired boilers achieve a real win-win for environmental protection and economy?What challenges does the industry face?With these questions, the reporter recently visited the Energy Conservation Branch of China Coal Science and Industry Group Coal Academy of Sciences, an authoritative scientific research institution for industrial coal-fired boilers.

"It's like falling in love, if you don't even give a chance, how can you succeed?"

This is the description of the current situation of coal-fired boilers by Shang Qingyu, President of the Energy Conservation Branch, when the reporter learned about the clean and efficient utilization technology of coal and the products of high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers at China Coal Science and Industry Group Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Shang Qingyu told reporters that high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers are one of the effective ways to use coal cleanly and efficiently. Still in trouble.

Relevant persons from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said in an interview with reporters that reducing coal consumption is a major trend, and end-use energy, including industrial fields, is showing a trend of electrification.The environmental protection indicators of industrial coal-fired boilers may continue to improve.

Advantages - both environmentally friendly and economical

In fact, coal-fired boilers have been widely used in the industrial field for a long time.Relevant data show that there are 10,000 coal-fired industrial boilers in use in China , with 46.7a total capacity of 17810,000 tons of steam, and the annual consumption of raw coal is about 100 million tons, accounting for more than 7of the country's total coal consumption 18% .

However, it is such a large coal consumer, but its overall image is not "glorious".On the one hand, the overall energy efficiency level is low, and its actual operating efficiency is 15about a percentage point lower than the international advanced level; on the other hand, the pollutant emission intensity is relatively large, which is an important source of pollution. To of total national emissions 33% 27% 9%

"However, coal-fired industrial boilers can also achieve ultra-low emissions, changing the previous image of pollution."Shang Qingyu emphasized.

The reporter learned that the average efficiency of the pulverized coal industrial boiler system has increased from 65% to more than 90% , and the comprehensive coal saving rate can reach more than 30% ; the system's measured smoke and dust emissions are only 3milligrams of standard cubic meters, far better than the /of traditional coal-fired boilers. 80milligrams /Standard cubic meters, which is equivalent to the emission level of natural gas boilers; sulfur dioxide emissions are 2milligram /standard cubic meters; nitrogen oxides are 20milligram /standard cubic meters.Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, smoke and dust emissions are reduced by more than 95% , sulfur dioxide emissions are reduced by 90%-95% , nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by about 90% , and the emissions of inhalable particulate matter are greatly reduced.

According to preliminary calculations, if the pulverized coal boiler technology is adopted and all existing coal-fired industrial boilers are transformed and upgraded, about 100 million tons of standard coal can be saved every year , and about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, about 10,000 1reduced 5tons of sulfur dioxide, and about 30010,000 tons of dust can be 30.

Does the reduction of pollutant emissions and the improvement of energy efficiency mean high cost investment?

Shang Qingyu calculated an account for the reporter.As far as the boiler is concerned, it takes about 1ton of saturated steam . Calculated in terms of 80-83 cubic meters of natural gas to generate a natural gas yuan per cubic meter 4, the fuel cost is about 320yuan; the crude oil needs 66liters, and the fuel cost is about 400; The 110multiple cost is only 80about RMB.Comprehensive other costs, producing 1tons of saturated steam, take pulverized coal as the benchmark, natural gas is 3twice as much, and fuel oil is 4twice as much.

"The initial investment of pulverized coal industrial boilers is indeed large, nearly 1twice as high as that of gas-fired boilers of the same scale. However, from the perspective of the whole life cycle, its fuel is easily available and cheap, and the cost can be recovered within two years at most. The service life of pulverized industrial boilers is 15about years. Therefore, from the perspective of cost performance, pulverized coal industrial boilers are very economical." Shang Qingyu said.

Dilemma - Clean and efficient utilization of coal is squeezed

"I have been researching and developing coal-fired boilers for nearly 20 years, but now, I am very confused."The deputy institute of the Energy Conservation Branch of the China Coal Science and Industry Group Coal Academy of Sciences regards high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers as "own children" Long Wang Naiji couldn't help sighing.

Wang Naiji's confusion is not only for coal-fired industrial boilers, but also for the coal industry itself.

In recent years, the market space for the clean and efficient utilization of coal has been severely squeezed by the "one size fits all" policies in some areas, such as "coal to gas", "coal to electricity", etc., in the strong control of smog, to win the battle to defend the blue sky Driven by the government's policy, "If you want a blue sky, you must ban coal" has become the consensus of most local governments to control smog, and coal combustion and utilization have become "a rat crossing the street and everyone shouting and fighting".This undoubtedly seriously affects the technology promotion.

"Coal itself is not dirty, the key is how to use it." Shang Qingyu told reporters that although pulverized coal industrial boilers can already achieve the same emission as natural gas, they are still worried about the emission problem.Because in recent years, relevant departments have continuously improved the emission standards of coal-fired boilers, and the technical transformation of coal-fired boilers is "tired".

This view has been confirmed by the above-mentioned Ministry of Ecology and Environment.The person said that the environmental protection department 4-5 years in combination with local air quality, and then improve the standard.will evaluate coal-fired boilers every

"This will indeed increase the cost of boiler use enterprise transformation. But from the perspective of environmental protection, this is also inevitable. " The above-mentioned person from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment admitted frankly.

"Some local environmental protection departments, as long as it is a coal-related project, will overturn a boat with a single pole, which brings great difficulties to the large-scale promotion and application of pulverized coal industrial boilers. Although the situation has improved, we still hope Relevant departments are more rational, realizing that coal itself is not dirty and can be used cleanly." Shang Qingyu said.

He further suggested that natural gas is a good thing, but it should be used in more suitable places, such as civil fields, especially in rural areas."Industrial and centralized residential heating should also use coal, which is more reasonable."Shang Qingyu emphasized.

Breakthrough——Industry chaos needs to be rectified urgently

The high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers developed by the Academy of Coal Science have been put into operation in Shendong mining area, Tianjin and Jinan in recent years, and all meet the local ultra-low emission requirements.However, the overall promotion is not smooth, among which, the problems of the industry itself are also worthy of attention.

The reporter learned that the current coal-fired industrial boiler industry has a low threshold, low industrial concentration, serious disorder and vicious competition, and the pulverized coal industrial boiler market is chaotic.Some weak boiler plants have set foot in this field, but the equipment quality and system reliability are poor, which has lost the due effect of pulverized coal industrial boilers, greatly affected the confidence of users, and made the image of pulverized coal industrial boilers affected. damage.Market participants are mixed, and industry profit margins continue to decline, increasing the difficulty and pressure of technology promotion.

At the same time, as the thermal power generation market tends to be saturated, power generation boiler manufacturers have gradually entered the field of industrial boilers.

"But the properties and applicable conditions of industrial boilers and power station boilers are different. At present, the high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers developed by us have been industrialized, which can be actively controlled in combustion and secondary control in flue gas emissions, realizing many The coordinated removal of pollutants does not produce sewage and solid waste, and achieves the organic unity of combustion and pollutant control." Wang Naiji introduced.

The reporter noticed that the 2014by the ministries and commissions pointed out that by the end 7"Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Improvement of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Coal-fired Boilers" jointly issued 2018of 2019, the promotion of high-efficiency boilers will be promoted 50by 10,000 tons of steam, and the market share of high-efficiency coal-fired boilers will increase from the current less than 5% to 40 %. % ."But according to the reporter's understanding, the goal of " 40% " has been rarely mentioned at present.

In addition, coal-fired industrial boilers are still in the state of "Kowloon Water Control".In this regard, Shang Qingyu suggested that relevant departments should strengthen the management of the coal-fired industrial boiler industry as soon as possible, formulate relevant standards, set the threshold for pulverized coal industrial boilers, standardize industry behavior, and ensure the quality of the pulverized coal industrial boiler system."At present, we have formulated an 5enterprise standard and are speeding up the formulation of other related standards."Shang Qingyu said.


Source : China Energy News

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