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Comprehensively speed up the new journey of high-quality transformation and development of Sifang Boiler's second entrepreneurship
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Comprehensively speed up the new journey of high-quality transformation and development of Sifang Boiler's second entrepreneurship

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Seize the opportunity of making good use of the policy, concentrate on becoming bigger and stronger

 Comprehensively speed up the new journey of high-quality transformation and development of Sifang Boiler's second entrepreneurship

      On October 20th, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the private entrepreneurs who were commended in the "10,000 Enterprises Helping 10,000 Villages" action, encouraging the majority of private entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence in development and run their enterprises well.In the past few days, the whole country, the whole country, and the vast number of private entrepreneurs and corporate employees have been very excited and encouraged. Everyone said that the general secretary's reply is the most full affirmation of private enterprises and the private economy, and it is an argument against the private economy. The most powerful counterattack will give private enterprises and private entrepreneurs a reassurance of firm confidence in development.Today, well-known entrepreneurs in the city discussed President Xi’s reply on the media platform of Xuzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, and expressed their determination and confidence. Chairman Duan of the company made a heartfelt speech, expressing the voice and will of all members of our Sifang Boiler, which is the current enterprise. Seizing opportunities and seeking development created a positive atmosphere and brought new impetus.

      Strengthen the development force, and have the courage to innovate and transform.General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter to private entrepreneurs, although the number of words is small, is very rich in content.It can be said that General Secretary Xi's reply letter sent a signal to private entrepreneurs: another spring of China's private economy has come.

      Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, private enterprises have developed vigorously. Our Sifang Boiler has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has become an important force in promoting local economic and social development.In particular, the development of the second entrepreneurship that we have launched so far is the right time to follow the trend.Up and down the company and every position, we must not only base ourselves on the reality, but also look far ahead, take the initiative to adapt to the new situation, make concerted efforts to seize the great opportunity of the transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry and the general trend of China's economic transformation, and practice our internal skills hard, we should take the opportunity. The spirit of overcoming difficulties, insisting on taking root in the real manufacturing industry, insisting on innovation and development unswervingly, doing everything possible to speed up the process of product transformation and upgrading, and jointly promote the green, efficient, safe, energy-saving and high-quality development of large-scale products to a new level.

Focus on innovation and creation without distraction, and run the enterprise well.The company's senior management team should strengthen their studies, deeply understand the words of General Secretary Xi in the reply letter, firmly grasp and actively meet the established goals and plans for the high-quality development of the company's second entrepreneurship, be strict with themselves in the face of the system, take the lead in implementation, and unite Lead all employees of the company to implement, ensure quality and efficiency, continuously improve and strengthen the standardized and efficient management incentive mechanism, and strive to ensure the smooth implementation of various goals and plans.

      All departments of the company should further strengthen the awareness of goals, competition and efficiency, and earnestly cherish the achievements and rare market opportunities accumulated by the company's product structure optimization and adjustment, file upgrade and upgrade strategy, and use lean management as the starting point to consolidate achievements and summarize experience. The promotion is in-depth and comprehensive.It is necessary to give full play to the leading role of various advanced role models, make full use of the system and policies given by the company, do everything possible to mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees, give full play to the wisdom and creativity of the post, and continuously improve the comprehensive management level. The planning, planning and work arrangement of the company grasp the nodes, refine it in place, quantify it to people, and implement it in an orderly manner, so as to promote the gradual realization of the overall goal and plan of the enterprise, and jointly write a new chapter for the high-quality development of Sifang Boiler.

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