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Classification and characteristics of waste heat boilers
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Classification and characteristics of waste heat boilers

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       Waste heat boiler equipment is used in many large petrochemical and engineering enterprises during the construction process. Its product features are relatively obvious, and there are many types of specifications. It can be divided into horizontal layout waste heat according to the layout of the heating surface. Boiler, vertical layout waste heat boiler, etc.Then according to the flow characteristics of the working fluid in the evaporative heating surface, there are natural circulation waste heat boilers, forced circulation waste heat boilers, once-through waste heat boilers, etc. The characteristics of different types of boiler equipment are different.So, what are the classification and characteristics of waste heat boilers?

       You will find that there are many classifications of waste heat boilers. This boiler has high combustion efficiency and usually does not have a burner. This equipment is mainly beneficial to exhaust gas as a heat source, and often does not require a combustion system during operation (unless there is a supplementary combustion requirement).In addition, waste heat boilers are different from conventional boilers in that the boiler equipment can generate steam in a multi-pressure state, thereby improving its heat recovery efficiency. The boiler equipment has no fuel device and can be used as waste heat to meet the needs of different enterprises and processes. , so as not to affect the operation of its main process.

       The above is an introduction to the classification and characteristics of waste heat boilers. The waste heat boilers have high working efficiency and are simple to use. They are mainly composed of economizers, evaporators, superheaters, headers and steam drums. In the steam cycle of the reheater, a reheater can be added, and in the economizer boiler equipment, the water supply completes the task of preheating, so that the temperature of the entire water rises and is close to the saturation temperature level; The evaporator feeds water into phase change and steam. When the steam is heated and heated up, it will become superheated steam through the equipment, and then the reheated steam will be heated to the set reheat temperature in the whole reheater.

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