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Characteristics and classification of biomass boilers
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Characteristics and classification of biomass boilers

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       With the rapid development of industrial technology, many petrochemical and coal mining enterprises will use gas-fired boiler equipment. Biomass boilers are one of the more common types of boilers. Bioenergy is used as fuel. Biomass hot water boiler equipment, etc., as well as biomass heat transfer oil furnace, vertical biomass boiler, etc.So, how much do you know about the characteristics and main classifications of biomass boilers?Let's take a look at it together:

       the characteristics of the entire biomass boiler are relatively obvious. According to the classification, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical biomass boiler equipment, biomass gas heat transfer oil furnace, biomass steam boiler, etc., Generally speaking, the thermal combustion efficiency of biomass boilers is relatively high, up to more than 80%, and there are many types and specifications of boilers, which makes the combustion more sufficient and the combustion efficiency of filtration is relatively high.

       In addition, biomass boilers are usually fed into the furnace by a screw feeder, which can be evenly scattered on the grate, and a screw slag machine is arranged at the rear of the boiler equipment, which can achieve the purpose of continuous ash cleaning. A dust collector is provided, which can effectively ensure that the smoke and dust discharge meets the environmental protection requirements.There is also a relatively low fuel cost for biomass boilers, which are mainly processed from discarded crops. Compared with coal and gas, their cost value is relatively low.

       The above is an introduction to the characteristics and classification of biomass boilers. You should understand clearly, right?One of the characteristics of biomass boilers is that they have a relatively long service life. They are all made of arched tube sheet and threaded smoke pipe technology, which can make the quasi-rigid body of the drum into a quasi-elastic structure, which can solve the problem of old boilers. The problem of tube sheet cracks can effectively prolong the service life of the boiler equipment, and effectively improve the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency of the boiler itself.

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