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Chairman Duan's message for export to Indonesia corner tube boiler project
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Chairman Duan's message for export to Indonesia corner tube boiler project

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             The smooth delivery of the Hangzhou Automobile project has enabled all the company's staff to experience a rare exercise and test, and accumulated experience.Chairman Duan fully affirmed the smooth performance of Hangzhou Auto's export project to Indonesia and put forward valuable opinions.

Chairman Duan said: In the history of our company's export products, the Hangzhou steam export project to Indonesia has set a new record in terms of large production scale, large number of batches and transportation volume, high contract value, and strict requirements for technology and export delivery standards. a new record.This project, from order receipt to production and delivery, has a tight schedule, heavy tasks, and interspersed rushing, which embodies the company's spirit of fighting and winning without fear of difficulties.A group of outstanding commanders, organizational managers and advanced workers in production technology have emerged.It embodies the timeliness and meticulousness of the company in the formulation and release of project ladder plans and detailed tracking; it embodies the sense of responsibility and courage in project execution; it embodies the company's goal of playing a game of chess and co-guaranteeing delivery. Team spirit.

On the basis of fully affirming our achievements and experience, in line with the purpose of development and improvement, the production, technology, quality control and other departments have seriously conducted their own summaries to find faults, and put forward some practical problems and important suggestions. This is very beneficial to our company's current and future production and operation activities.It is hoped that all relevant departments will grasp the progress of the follow-up installation of the project, formulate countermeasures in advance for possible individual problems, and provide high-quality services in a timely manner to ensure the final and successful performance of the project.The whole company should take the smooth delivery of this export product as a new starting point, and further improve the organization's refinement, the refinement of planning, the refinement of implementation and the refinement of products, so as to form a strong execution force and competitiveness. A solid foundation has been laid for the completion and subsequent realization of the goals of the development plan.

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