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Chairman Duan Xuqiang was awarded the title of "100 Honest Stars" in the 2nd Jiangsu Province
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Chairman Duan Xuqiang was awarded the title of "100 Honest Stars" in the 2nd Jiangsu Province

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     A few days ago, 8 departments including the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Jiangsu Provincial Civilization Office jointly issued a document to announce the selection results of the 2nd Jiangsu Province's "Top Ten Integrity Models" and the 2nd Jiangsu Province's "100 Integrity Stars".Duan Xuqiang, the chairman of our company, was awarded the honorary title of "100 Honest Stars" in Jiangsu Province.

    Su Wenming Office [2014] No. 24 document "Notice on Announcement of the 2nd Jiangsu Province "Top Ten Integrity Models""100 Integrity Stars" Selection Results" states: In order to thoroughly implement the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, In the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, vigorously cultivate and practice the core socialist values, solidly promote the construction of honest Jiangsu, and guide employees of various industrial and commercial enterprises to operate honestly and lawfully. From April this year, the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department , Provincial Civilization Office, Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau, Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Provincial Consumers Association, Provincial Private Individual Economic Association jointly organized the second Jiangsu Province "Top Ten Integrity Models", "Hundred Stars of Integrity" selection activities.After recommendation from various places, review and publicity, voting by public representatives, and approval by the organizing committee, it was decided that 10 comrades including Lu Xiuqiang were selected as the "Top Ten Integrity Models" in the second Jiangsu Province, and 100 comrades including Duan Xuqiang were selected as the second Jiangsu Province " Hundred Stars of Integrity".It is hoped that the commended comrades will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and continue to play a good demonstration and leading role in the integrity of the enterprise and the integrity of the product.All localities and departments should increase the propaganda of integrity models, carry out extensive integrity-themed education and practice activities, continuously improve the long-term mechanism for integrity construction, strive to create a good trend of honorable trustworthiness and shameful dishonesty, and institutionalize integrity construction to improve the level of integrity in Jiangsu. , to provide strong moral support for advancing "Two Firsts" and composing the Jiangsu chapter of the Chinese Dream.(office)

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