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Caring about poor students and helping families with serious illnesses
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Caring about poor students and helping families with serious illnesses

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       On the morning of August 3, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Labor Union, head of human resources, production department and some employee representatives came to Tianlou, Liuji Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, to visit Chen Siyuan, a patient with liver cancer on the sickbed, and personally donated more than 20,000 yuan donated by all the company's staff. The money was handed over to his family...
      A few days ago, the chairman of the company personally arranged the preparations for the annual routine student aid.On the one hand, facing the society, responding to the call of the higher-level women's federation, pledged to donate to the "Can Love Action"; actively contacted the local trade unions, women's federations, and youth league committees to visit the poor families who were newly admitted to colleges in all villages in the town this year, and screened and determined the recipients of donations. At the same time, the primary and secondary school students from extremely poor families who have suffered from disasters and diseases are carefully investigated and included in the student donation objects; on the one hand, for all employees of the company, according to regulations, the children of employees who were newly admitted to colleges and universities in the year were issued. The application notice for the bursary, and the investigation of the students who have difficulty in admission from the families of the extremely poor workers, and make preparations for the corresponding funding.
       Great love is boundless, and responsibility is always on the road.2019 is the 22nd year of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's long-term expedition to help students and help those in distress.Among them, more than 200 local families and more than 300 people have benefited from the assistance in recent years, which has aroused a positive response to vigorously promoting the spirit of social welfare and fulfilling social responsibilities.With the continuous acceleration of the high-quality transformation and development of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler will be more persistent in its precision in helping students and helping those in distress, and the road of love will go further!

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