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Cao Xinping, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to our company to inspect the work
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Cao Xinping, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to our company to inspect the work

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        On the morning of July 8, the sun was burning like fire. Cao Xinping, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, braved the sweltering heat to visit our company to inspect our work.Li Rongqi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Bi Yurui, Secretary of the Tongshan District Party Committee and other leaders accompanied the inspection.Chang Yufeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liuxin Town, Liang Shilong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Mayor, Duan Xuqiang, Chairman of the Company, and Ye Feng, General Manager, received and reported the work.
        At about 9 am, Secretary Cao and his party of more than 10 people drove to the office building of the company's headquarters, and the chairman of the company, Duan Xuqiang, warmly welcomed him.Secretary Cao asked as he walked and briefly understood the situation of the company.He went straight to the company's R&D center and kindly asked about the company's products, scale, taxation and technological innovation.Coming to the exhibition hall on the first floor, Secretary Cao and others stopped in front of the company's building materials decoration city planning renderings.Chairman Duan briefly reported the progress and planning development of the company's deepening reform, strengthening the main business, and accelerating the development of the service industry; in front of the company's entrepreneurial development history column and leadership care and guidance photo wall, Secretary Cao listened to Duan with great interest. Chairman's introduction.He fully affirmed our company's entrepreneurial spirit and development achievements, and encouraged enterprises to further accelerate the pace of reform and innovation, increase technological innovation and scale development, and make new and greater contributions to local economic development and social stability.(office)

The picture shows the leaders of Municipal Party Committee Cao Xinping, Deputy Secretary Li Rongqi and District Party Secretary Bi Yurui watching the column on the company's entrepreneurial development history. The

Chairman Duan reporting on the planning and construction of Sifang Building Materials Decoration City.


picture Cao Xinping (middle) had a cordial conversation with the chairman of the company on the first floor of the company's office building. The

picture shows Secretary Cao and other leaders in the lobby on the first floor

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