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Boiler company's actual sales internal training to welcome the Spring Festival
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Boiler company's actual sales internal training to welcome the Spring Festival

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The picture shows Chairman Duan (second from left) making an important speech at the meeting

    In addition to the old and the new, we conspire to make new sales plans for the new year.On February 11, 12, and 13, the Group Boiler Company organized more than 70 people including the company's sales team and engineering company's after-sales service, and held the annual sales work summary meeting in the multi-functional room on the third floor of the engineering company and the production department office building. , work deployment, system publicity and comprehensive business training.Chairman Duan and General Manager Ye of the group company attended the meeting and put forward important work opinions.

    During the meeting and training period, a comprehensive review and summary of the sales work in the past year was carried out, and the performance of the sales staff of each branch was reported; General Manager Ye gave a lecture and publicized the newly adjusted and improved sales policy and sales system; Director Duan Chang made a brief summary of the sales work in the past year. He reviewed the current situation, analyzed and forwarded the opportunities and challenges faced by the company's sales work at present and in the future. While focusing on interpreting the new sales policy, he focused on sales team building, Important guiding opinions were put forward in terms of quality improvement, business tackling and market expansion.

    According to the arrangement of this annual meeting and training plan, this year's internal sales training pays more attention to the pertinence and practical characteristics that are close to the actual situation.The person in charge of the sales company made a detailed interpretation and guidance of the sales system, policy and the characteristics of business negotiation skills of the main products; the company's technical research institute designated a special person to prepare lessons in advance, and conducted a one-day science popularization of the technical characteristics of the main products and guidance on key links; The sales contract management personnel comprehensively reported the common problems in the process of contract review, signing, circulation and contract performance, and provided new policy and technical support for the boiler company to continue the past and create a new chapter in the new year.(office)

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