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Be the vanguard of corporate culture
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Be the vanguard of corporate culture

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        In the past few days, with the cooperation of the sales company, when the company's 16th issue of "Jiangsu Sifang Boiler News" was published, the company's office staff were busy with the work of sending and donating this issue.The factory newspapers carrying the fragrance of ink carry the latest life and work dynamics of the Sifang boiler people, flying to the north and south of the river.So far, in response to the requirements of relevant party and government organs, government and industry functional management department leaders, partners, business customers and peers, the number of free copies of the company's self-run newspapers has increased from more than ten (home) copies at the time of publication. , has surged to more than 100 copies in this issue.
        The chairman of the company and other leading comrades attach great importance to and strongly support the publication and donation of self-run newspapers.He insisted that every issue must be read, and immediately made valuable comments.Not long ago, Chairman Duan personally contacted Mr. Qiu Gaochi, a famous calligrapher, and wrote a masthead for the newspaper.After he learned about the newspaper's donation situation, he instructed to add a new donation unit.He asked that the branches of the sales company should put the newspaper donation work on the important work schedule, and timely provide the postal information statistics of the donation units. , try to meet the requirements of the leaders and business friendly of the receiving unit.
        So far, with the care and support of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of all the company's staff, 16 issues of "Jiangsu Sifang Boiler News" have been published.The newspaper has made active attempts in fostering corporate culture, promoting the spirit of enterprise, strengthening business communication, and assisting the development of the enterprise.I hope that all the staff of the company will continue to care and support this newspaper as always, actively provide information, write and submit articles enthusiastically, submit reasonable suggestions in a timely manner, and make due efforts for the prosperity of the Quartet culture.(office)

The picture shows the office staff nervously preparing for the mailing of newspapers

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