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Based on large-scale and seize new opportunities, our company's boiler orders exceeded 1,000 steam tons in two months
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Based on large-scale and seize new opportunities, our company's boiler orders exceeded 1,000 steam tons in two months

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        July is hot, and sales are booming.On July 11, encouraging news came from the company's general manager's office: only in the last two months, our company's boiler orders have reached 1,000 tons of steam, and the characteristics of a single large furnace type and high steam tonnage are outstanding, a record for the same period. the most.In addition, according to the market information at hand, with the peak season of the industry, the sales market of our company's large boilers will become increasingly popular, which has become a beautiful scenery under the background of insufficient operation and shrinking production and sales of many business peers this year.
        The new angle tube boiler products sing the highlight.The general manager of the company, Ye Feng, said that since the beginning of this year, under the leadership of the chairman's decision, the company has further strengthened the product development direction of "large-scale, high-efficiency, environmental protection and energy-saving" through market research and comprehensive evaluation of the industry situation, and actively used it." Angle tube boiler large-scale engineering technology center"This platform, increase investment, rely on the professional and technical advantages of Xi'an Jiaotong University and other universities, give full play to the advantages of school-enterprise linkage and scientific research achievements industrialization base, actively introduce, digest and absorb the latest research and development achievements, The traditional large corner tube boiler has undergone further technical upgrades.The chairman and general manager of the company took the lead personally, concentrated advantageous sales resources, and carried out market challenges.There have been frequent reports of good news in the market of corner tube boiler products in Xinjiang, Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places, and successively obtained multiple orders for 29MW, 46 MW, 56 MW, 70 MW, 92 MW series of corner tube boilers.
        Cater to the adjustment of the national environmental protection policy, highlight the theme of environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, seize and make good use of new market opportunities, and take a share in the refined coal-fired and coal-to-gas boiler market.In response to the haze weather in most of the north this year, the relevant national energy and environmental protection policies have been adjusted.Northern coal-fired boilers have undergone a new round of conversion to gas-fired boilers.The company took multiple measures to launch the northern market expansion plan in time.Relying on mature technical advantages, stable market project examples and high-quality after-sales service reputation, it has successively won bids in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Lanzhou and Xinjiang, and signed a large number of oil and gas furnace contracts.At the same time, it successfully cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Coal Science, and initially established a relatively stable cooperative relationship on the industrialization and market-oriented operation of the coal refined combustion technology of the Academy.

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