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Bank-enterprise friendship welcomes the Chinese New Year
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Bank-enterprise friendship welcomes the Chinese New Year

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        On the eve of the Spring Festival, the bank-enterprise friendship.On January 26, President Song and Director He of the Chengdong Sub-branch of Bank of Jiangsu were invited to visit Sifang Boiler.All staff of the company's financial department received and participated in the exchange.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, Jiang Hong, chief financial officer, and Chen Ying, minister of finance, attended the event.Chairman Duan briefly introduced the production and operation situation in 2012 to the guests. Director Jiang and President Song also exchanged views on relevant business.While praising our company's management achievements and business performance in the past year, President Song is full of expectations for the prospect of bank-enterprise cooperation in the new year.Have lunch together, talk about friendship, and take photos with the host and guests. In a happy and friendly atmosphere, we welcome the Chinese New Year together.(Zhang Juan)

The picture shows Director Jiang and President Song having business exchanges

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