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At the beginning of the year "big test" strong sales Jiangsu Sifang boiler practical sales training "there is a set"
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At the beginning of the year "big test" strong sales Jiangsu Sifang boiler practical sales training "there is a set"

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      At the beginning of the new year, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler's comprehensive training plan for the beginning of the year is in full swing.In the past two days, the training of all sales staff and engineering company personnel has changed from the traditional training form of single big class and "cramming", close to " actual combat ", and face-to-face real-time defense around business knowledge such as technology and sales; Each person has one test paper, and the answer sheet is submitted within a limited time.According to the test scores, select rewards, screen incentives and spurs.

      The "examiners" who are guest-starred by the company's executive representatives, technical, sales and other key management representatives are waiting for you.They focus on starting from the actual situation of the enterprise and the actual sales situation, closely following the characteristics of actual combat, compiling questions and answering questions, and persuading them well, and strive to explain their doubts to sales staff, increase and improve professional knowledge and professional quality.

      In the face of the examination questions, some of the nine representative teams of the nine major sales branches answered the questions smoothly, discussed key technical or sales business issues, some examiners explained in detail, and some candidates consulted in reverse, one question and one answer. Seek and cite, and try to meet the answering requirements.The atmosphere on the stage was tense, and the audience listened attentively, recording and answering the questions.It can be said that it is unique and concentrated.

       In order to ensure the effectiveness of this flexible training, the main person in charge of the company attaches great importance to the organization of the Human Resources Department, the technical department, and the sales company to work together to issue a question bank around the product technology and sales business knowledge of fluidized bed boilers and waste heat boilers. Special lectures, one-on-one doubts; organize all sales staff to participate, set up three awards, and clarify the requirements for rewards and punishments; carefully formulate the training plan schedule, follow up and implement, and ensure the effect of the training.For the sales force and performance improvement in the new year, the market has provided a strong driving force.

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