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Assault from the source "Encirclement and suppression" smog: ultra-low emission technology for coal-fired power plants to solve the urgency of coal burning
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Assault from the source "Encirclement and suppression" smog: ultra-low emission technology for coal-fired power plants to solve the urgency of coal burning

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     "Cherish life, stay away from smog" This sentence is mentioned less and less frequently, which is due to the "encirclement and suppression of smog" by various measures across the country.Led by Professor Gao Xiang from the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization of Zhejiang University, the "R&D and Application of Key Technologies for Ultra-Low Emissions from Coal-fired Units", which cooperates with Zhejiang Energy Group Co., Ltd. and other units The efficient treatment of pollutants has achieved ultra-low emissions of major haze-causing pollutants.

    1On May 1st 8, at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing, the technology was selected as the first prize of the 2017annual National Technology Invention Award.

    China is the world's largest coal consumer, 2013consuming 36.1100 million tons of coal annually, accounting for more than half of the world's total.Coal burning is one of the important causes of smog, and the area where coal-using enterprises are densely distributed is also a high-incidence area of ​​smog.To solve the problem of smog, the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries have the experience of "coal to gas" to control smog.China has begun to implement the "coal to gas" project for small coal-fired boilers, but the shortage of resources and the high cost make it difficult for my country's coal-fired power plants to implement "coal to gas" on a large scale.The development of ultra-low emission technology for coal-fired power plants is of great significance and has become a national strategic need.

    "Reducing smog and developing technologies to make coal-fired cleaner are very important." Gao Xiang said that it is necessary to promote the green development of the energy industry through the ultra-low emission technology of coal-fired units, so that everyone can re-understand coal power.After Gao Xiang's team 20years of hard work, NOX PM SO2 Hg SO3 and other multi-pollutants, and has developed a high-efficiency, high-reliability, high-adaptability, and low-cost multi-pollutant efficient collaborative removal. has made breakthroughs in the research on efficient removal and collaborative control of Except for ultra-low emission systems.

    This technology solves the problem of ultra-low emission of multi-pollutants in flue gas under complex coal quality and complex working conditions, making coal combustion cleaner.For example, in response to the problem of low removal efficiency of fine particles in flue gas, the temperature-humidity system control is used to strengthen the control and removal of fine particles and SO3 under multi-field coordination, and improve the capture efficiency of particles; for catalyst poisoning and deactivation, Due to the problem of poor low temperature activity, through the research and development of the formulation of multi-active center catalysts, under the "unity and cooperation" of multiple active sites, the catalyst's anti-poisoning, low-temperature activity, and synergistic mercury oxidation performance have been improved, and complex coal has been realized. Efficient removal of nitrogen oxides under harsh conditions such as high quality and low-load operation, effectively controlling mercury emissions; for the disposal of spent catalysts, the use of methods such as controlled loading of active components in stages can restore the activity of spent catalysts To the level of fresh catalysts, the recycling and functional modification of waste catalysts are realized.

    2013In 2009, the of Jiahua Power Plant, a subsidiary of Zheneng Group, 1000MW coal-fired unit began to use this technology on a pilot basis, and implemented the ultra-low emission project of coal-fired units.After testing, the emission value of the main flue gas pollutants of the transformed coal-fired power plant is far lower than the ultra-low emission limit of the coal-fired power plant.The ultra-low emission limits of SO2 NOX and particulate matter are lower than the national emission standards, 83% 50% and 67% respectively

    Gao Xiang introduced that the ultra-low emission technology has improved the coal-fired pollution control technology and equipment level, and promoted and supported the implementation of the national ultra-low emission strategy.

    The smog is caused by a combination of factors. Only the power generation industry can achieve ultra-low emissions and cannot completely eliminate the smog.Gao Xiang said that the next step will be to promote the development of key technologies for multi-pollutant ultra-low emission in the non-electrical industry.

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