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Angle tube boiler manufacturers introduce their characteristics
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Angle tube boiler manufacturers introduce their characteristics

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With the rapid development of society and economy, many mechanical equipments are widely used in the process of large-scale project construction, and the corner tube boiler is mainly used in the production of large enterprises, and it can be seen in all walks of life.So, do you know what are the characteristics of angle tube boilers?What do we need to pay special attention to in the process of producing angle tube boilers?This asks the angle tube boiler manufacturer to introduce its characteristics.

Angle tube boiler manufacturers introduce their characteristics

We know that the corner tube boiler was invented by the German specialist Vorkauf and was initially mainly used to drive cars, but today, the corner tube boiler is more widely used and can be used as a water circulation channel and is also part of the boiler support frame.You will find that the technical characteristics of the corner tube boiler are obvious. The entire four corners are large-diameter and thick-walled downcomers and steam drums. The components also include water cooling walls, headers, and flag-shaped heating surfaces.The whole product has good seismic performance, and the drum is arranged vertically or horizontally. Therefore, the combustion space is relatively sufficient and the volume is relatively small.
The whole corner tube boiler is surrounded by a fully enclosed membrane water wall, and a unique scale grate technology has been introduced. The air supply volume of each combustion stage of the entire coal furnace.The appearance of the angle tube boiler can greatly reduce the loss of coal leakage, and according to the different fuels, the secondary air is arranged on the front wall and the rear wall of the furnace.
You should have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the corner tube boiler manufacturers.The boiler can absorb the heat of the flue gas, effectively reduce the exhaust temperature of the flue gas, and is a light-weight furnace wall thermal insulation structure. The outer side of the water wall is laid with a certain thickness of thermal insulation material, which has particularly good thermal insulation performance and further improves its combustion efficiency.At the same time, the convection heating surface of the serpentine tube has changed from vertical arrangement to horizontal arrangement, reducing the number of elbows.

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