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Analysis of corner tube boiler
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Analysis of corner tube boiler

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Analysis of corner tube boiler

Since the descending tube of this boiler is arranged on the corner, not only as a water circulation channel, but also as a part of the boiler support frame, so this boiler is a boiler, and the corner tube boiler is a type of boiler, then, what is a corner tube boiler Woolen cloth?Next, we will answer this question for you:

The boiler is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the boiler includes chemical energy and electrical energy in the fuel, and the boiler outputs steam, high-temperature water or organic heat carrier with certain thermal energy.
The original meaning of the pot refers to the water container heated on the fire, and the furnace refers to the place where the fuel is burned. The boiler includes two parts: the pot and the furnace.The hot water or steam generated in the boiler can directly provide the required thermal energy for industrial production and people's life, and can also be converted into mechanical energy through a steam power device, or converted into electrical energy through a generator.
Boilers that provide hot water are called hot water boilers, which are mainly used in life and also have a small amount of applications in industrial production.Boilers that generate steam are called steam boilers, often referred to as boilers, and are mostly used in thermal power plants, ships, locomotives, and industrial and mining enterprises.
Boiler classification Industrial and civil specific boilers and furnaces Integrated design properties Energy conversion equipment uses chemical energy in life, thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and other input energy fuels, electrical energy output steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier.
The future development of boilers will further improve the thermal efficiency of boilers and power plants; reduce the equipment cost per unit power of boilers and power plants; improve the operational flexibility and automation level of boiler units; develop more types of boilers to adapt to different fuels; Operational reliability of auxiliary equipment; reduce environmental pollution.

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