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"Accounts Receivable Control and Collection Practical Skills" training course starts
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"Accounts Receivable Control and Collection Practical Skills" training course starts

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        February 1st and 2nd 7day, 2On the morning of 8the training of "Accounts Receivable Control and Collection Practical Skills" was held in the general meeting room of the boiler company as scheduled.All employees of the Boiler Company Sales Company, the Finance Department, the Debt Clearing Office, and all the ,management personnel and project managers of the Engineering Department of the Material Supply Department, as well as some senior executives and financial personnel of the Building Materials Trade City participated in the training and learning.

      Whether an enterprise can effectively control and manage accounts receivable not only directly affects the turnover level of working capital and the final operating profit, but also directly affects the improvement of sales revenue, corporate reputation and market competitiveness.The company attaches great importance to and continues to strengthen.It is expected that through professional guidance and active actions, it will achieve and continuously consolidate and improve the new level of accounts receivable control and collection effectiveness.

      This training was taught on-site by Mr. Wang Qiang of "Youzhongqipei".He mainly taught about the nature of accounts receivable, the collection ideas and skills of overdue accounts, the monitoring and management of accounts receivable, the management of contracts and bills, how to pay attention to customer information on credit, debt protection and risk transfer, credit risk The management system introduces seven aspects.Through concept narration, essential perspective, case analysis and interactive Q&A, the participants in the training generally expressed that they have benefited a lot. Combined with their own work practices, they provided measures and references for effectively strengthening accounts receivable control and increasing collection practical skills.

 Mr. Wang Qiang is the pioneer of domestic accounts receivable management training courses, and is the only teacher in China who teaches accounts receivable management from the "four in one" of management, sales, finance, and legal affairs; he has 17annual credit management and receivables collection . Consulting and teaching experience, through in-depth analysis of thousands of various types of enterprises, summed up a wealth of corporate accounts receivable management and credit practical experience and training experience.


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