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A side note on the rush of five large-scale corner tube boilers exported to Indonesia
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A side note on the rush of five large-scale corner tube boilers exported to Indonesia

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       10On January 1, our company 22for Hangzhou Zhongneng Steam Turbine Power Co., Ltd. to export to Indonesia 5Taiwan DHL20-2.5/400-HQ boiler (hereinafter referred to as the project for export to Indonesia) . 8officially sent the first batch of trolleys fully loaded with parts to Shanghai Port Road to Indonesia.So far, the company's production, technology, engineering, quality control, sales and other departments have successfully completed the design and manufacturing tasks of the project after overcoming difficulties and interspersed with rushing.Under the special economic and market situation inside and outside the company since the beginning of this year, the smooth performance of the project has written a strong record in the company's staged surprise delivery record.

1. Strict, meticulous and truth-seeking, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project plan

Rigorous and practical plans are the guidance and guarantee for the smooth implementation of the company's Indonesian projects.6At the end of the month, once the project contract is implemented, how to prepare the plan, how to intersperse arrangements, how to integrate resources, and how to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan, the time is tight, the task is heavy, the packaging requirements are high, and there are many contact points for external cooperation. The company attaches great importance to it and arranges it carefully.According to the characteristics of the export project, immediately start the corresponding work procedures, the general manager and the executive deputy general manager are in command, and the main persons in charge of the sales, technology, production, engineering, material supply and other departments are assembled to establish a special project scheduling regular meeting system, and the project is prepared and released within a time limit. The first-level network plan scheme.The Engineering Department is instructed to take the lead, strengthen outreach and internal financing, and earnestly grasp the project time node, and strive to achieve layer-by-layer decomposition without leaving blind spots.

From the date of receiving the contract, the engineering department will organize the project review, implement and track the implementation of the progress plan at all levels in a timely manner.During the implementation of the project, with the support of the company's leaders and relevant departments, the first-level network plan is used as the carrier to guide and supervise the timely decomposition of the plan, refine it in place, and lead the progress of each node of the project.In addition, it has organized the relevant departments within the company to conduct special coordination on project production and outsourcing progress, packing and marking delivery time node arrangements, etc.Always maintain hotline contact with Hangzhou Zhongneng Steam Turbine Power Co., Ltd., and communicate inside and outside in time.Arrange a special person to the port area to hand over the goods to the owner, and successfully complete the project delivery and delivery to the port as scheduled.          

2. Facing up to the difficulties and making concerted efforts to demonstrate the strong executive power of the department

Working together to ensure production.Throughout the whole process of the project being put into production and manufacturing, its execution stage is in the centralized delivery period of conventional products and other special projects. As the core force of the centralized implementation of the project, the production department is pressurized and forged ahead, with proper command and powerful measures, and all staff Afraid of heat and heat, not afraid of working overtime, fighting in unity, advancing despite difficulties, rushing working hours, stressing quality, and ensuring delivery, they have made outstanding contributions to the smooth progress of the project's production plan.

Blanking is the vanguard of production.Not only the production materials of the Hangzhou Automobile Project, but also the production materials of other projects should be guaranteed.To this end, the workshop director reasonably schedules personnel and flexibly arranges work and rest time to ensure the smooth progress of each project.

The pipe workshop has overcome difficulties.The number of membrane wall workpieces in this project is large, and the team adopts the front section to stop people and machines, and work overtime to ensure the smooth progress of the latter section.The flag-type heating surface of this project is the final assembly factory structure, the welding operation space is small, and the welding position is poor. Although the weather is hot, everyone sweats like rain, and every second counts to ensure the construction period.The automatic production line of the serpentine tube has a lot of people and machines. Because the equipment has not been properly maintained and maintained in a hurry, it runs with "injury", which adds a certain amount of extra workload to the assembly work in the subsequent section.

For export projects, there are strict requirements for the packaging of workpieces.And at the beginning of the signing of the contract, there was no clear description of the packaging structure and scope. With the continuous advancement of the project, the 9final scope and packaging structure were not determined until the middle of the month.After the production department received the packaging plan, Minister Xu immediately summoned the workshop directors to schedule the production of the packaging steel frame.After negotiation and decision, a total 59of steel frames (iron boxes) are packaged, and each workshop is interspersed according to the actual production tasks, which lays the foundation for the packaging and delivery of the project.

The packaging of the workpiece, the packing of the film wall and the serpentine tube is the top priority; because the film wall is large and has different bending angles, it brings certain difficulties to the packaging work.Comrade Qi Jinliang, the squad leader of the membrane wall team, rose to the challenge and led 8more than ten workers in the team to fight for more than ten days, and packed all the membrane wall and serpentine pipes.The packaging of steel frame, platform ladder and other components, because these components are all loose parts, they are all red primer when they come to the factory, 10month of the month.8and the delivery will be completed around the The previous contract did not indicate that the sky blue topcoat should be sprayed. After coming to the factory, the spray paint must be disassembled one by one, and then bundled and packaged.The delivery is imminent. Minister Xu and Minister Jiang of the production department set an example, leading the painting class and loading class to night shifts, painting, packaging and bundling, and successfully completed the project packaging task.

To face the difficulties, to overcome the difficulties with technology.The boiler of this project is a low-pressure power generation boiler with corner tube layer burning lignite mixed with blast furnace gas. The 7technical 7department of Yueri received the project and started the design, and it 8took a total 8until the end of the design .32of natural days During the design process, our company has never encountered the co-firing of coal and blast furnace gas before, and it is a new problem for combustion monitoring, tangential combustion, various alarm values ​​and selection of furnace shutdown values.This project is our company's first lignite-burning blast furnace gas project. The body design adopts the type of angle tube boiler. The difference from the past is that the boiler body adds a burner for combustion due to the mixing of blast furnace gas. It is a design scheme. It was a big test. During the design process, the design participants worked overtime (the plan was changed three times at the request of Party A), and the construction period was still guaranteed.After the design is completed, the three-dimensional model is drawn, and the interference between the field devices is reduced and eliminated through three-dimensional simulation.During the period, Hangzhou Automobile staff adjusted the technical plan and revised the drawings. It can be said that the project design period was very tight. The comrades in the technical department worked continuously and continued to work overtime to leave as much time as possible for subsequent material procurement and production. .Through the united efforts of all the technical department, the following achievements have been mainly achieved:

Several indicators of transportation packaging set new records for the company.This transportation and packaging work has created a new record for the company in terms of the total weight of the packaged products, the consumption of steel for transportation and packaging, the number of transportation packages, the standardization of transportation and packaging, the company's attention, and the length of service production.The total weight of the packaged product: about 700ton, the consumption of steel 60for transportation and packaging: several tons, the number of transportation packages: 132pieces, the degree of transportation packaging specification: it is fully implemented in accordance with the international transportation requirements.The company attaches great importance to it, the general manager and the executive vice president are the team leaders, and there are 10more than a few coordination meetings; service production time: service production continues for 40more than one day.

Not afraid of fatigue, ensure supply.For this export project to Indonesia, the task of outsourcing components is arduous and the time is urgent.Under the correct command of the company's leaders, all members of the department operate at high speed and continuously fight.Take all necessary means to follow up closely, urge on-site, and maintain contact and communication with external manufacturers around the clock.Except for the production and self-made parts, most of the packing work is in the warehouse, time is tight and the task is heavy.The warehouse keeper must not only ensure the daily production of materials and normal delivery, but also track, count and pack each box one by one.To this end, they spent a lot of energy, gave up rest time, worked overtime, and rushed to the schedule, so that the entire packing work could be successfully completed within the specified time.

Keep in mind the responsibilities and strictly check the quality.According to the project product quality index requirements and the index agreement of the relevant nodes, the quality management department works together from top to bottom to comprehensively control the quality inspection threshold.In response to the staged quality inspection requirements in the project implementation process, the department dispatched personnel to strengthen on-site inspections in a timely manner, went to foreign manufacturers to inspect and supervise, and focused on random inspections; actively coordinated and handled relevant special inspection procedures in a timely manner to meet the final delivery and export of the project. requirements, which effectively guarantees the overall quality target requirements of the project and achieves the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

3. Lock the target, unite as one, and demonstrate the cohesion of teamwork

The company played a game of chess to ensure that the Hangzhou steam export project to Indonesia "can only succeed, not fail", from beginning to end, condensed into the consensus and goal of all employees of the company.

It is obvious to all that the temporary interspersed production, foreign trade export, multi-customer relationship, special packaging requirements and new and higher technical requirements of the project determine the intensiveness, urgency and arduousness of its implementation.Overall planning and taking into account the normal production plan to ensure the performance of the project, and put forward more stringent requirements for all employees of the company to work together and work together.

Starting from their respective functions, the Technology Department, Production Department, Engineering Department, Material Supply Department, Quality Control Department, etc., organize and decompose the plan in a timely and serious manner, combine the actual situation of their daily plan implementation, and focus on the key stage work requirements to optimize the combination of key processes and positions. Refinement and quantification to people, and concentrate superior forces to attack the fortress.Especially in response to the temporary changes of customers, we adjusted the implementation plan in a timely manner, and did everything possible to resolve various difficulties to ensure the orderly implementation of the entire project plan.

During the steel frame packaging process of the production department, according to the actual situation of the workpiece and its own experience, under the command of the company's leaders, the production department and the technical department Wang Wenbin and other on-site consultations made some changes to the packaging drawings to save I-shaped Steel and channel steel are 20more than meters each, and steel frame parts are packaged 2.In the design process, other departments of the company also gave the greatest support to the work of the technical department. The cooperation atmosphere between the departments of the company to work together to overcome difficulties runs through the entire process of project execution, reflecting strong team execution.

It is obvious to all that the preparation, modification, improvement and implementation of the outer packaging plan of this export project have gathered the common wisdom of the company's leaders and various functional departments, which is a highlight.Wang Li, the sales manager of the project, the manager of the Southwest Branch, said happily: Based on the feedback from the related customers of the project, as well as the company's previous performance comparison of export packaging products, the steel frame packaging scheme for the export products of Hangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. The successful implementation of the product is worthy of recognition and promotion in terms of safety protection, cost reduction, overall packaging effect and meeting export-related standards!

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