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2013' Sifang Boiler Elite Team Development Training Camp opened
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2013' Sifang Boiler Elite Team Development Training Camp opened

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        On March 23, the first batch of the company organized some management personnel and nearly 80 people from the technical department to go to the military basic psychological quality training base of the Xuzhou Engineering Corps Command College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army to carry out expansion training activities.
It was mid-spring, and it was warm and cold.At 9 am that day, under the leadership of the company's deputy general manager Zhang Houxing, all the company's technical department and some management personnel who participated in the first batch of expansion training camps wore camouflage training uniforms and took two buses to arrive at Xuzhou Engineers. The Command Academy expands the training base.Under the separate command of the four coaches, a brief team formation-after the ice-breaking ceremony of the opening camp, they were grouped into six expansion training teams, which kicked off the curtain of the full-day expansion training.
        "The tiger descends the mountain, unstoppable"!"The wind is roaring, the horse is roaring, the Yellow River is roaring, the Yellow River is roaring..."In the loud and high-pitched singing and slogans, the technical department designed a high-tech section headed as the captain of the "Fighting Team" held high Bunting flags, all the team members put on the POSE of the hungry tiger rushing food class, and made their debut.In just over 10 minutes, the flags, team anthems, team emblems and propaganda slogans of the other five teams were colorful and arrogant.
        In the following outreach training activities, all the team members successively carried out teamwork-challenge NO.1, team innovation-post station transmission, teamwork-trust back fall, warm-up game-fruit squat, personal challenge-high-altitude break Bridge, individual challenge - climbing and teamwork - graduation wallAt lunch time, everyone lined up in a neat line, chanted the dining slogan, imitated the demeanor of the military, and ate in sequence.
Through the all-day development training, whether it is the thrill of breaking the bridge at high altitude, the challenge of personal rock climbing, the stimulation of trusting the back, the strange and innovative thinking of the post station, or the shouting of the graduation wall, all the team members are active, brave and passionate. Radiant, showing fiery passion and selfless challenge spirit.Believe in yourself, believe in partners; break the fixed mindset, embody the spirit of innovation; challenge individual limits, unite team strength, and embody the goal orientation of team sacrifice, team dedication and team gratitude.The team members felt that they had received a rare baptism and exercise for their body and mind, which injected a strong impetus into their future work and life.
        According to the plan, the company will also organize the second batch of development training activities on March 30, which will be attended by some management personnel and all sales company personnel.(office)

Opening Ceremony of Expansion Training Group Photo

of Elite Expansion Training "Tigers Come Out of the Mountain"

Elite Expansion Training Trust Hug and Wrestle

Expansion Training Jump in the Air Break Bridge


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